I am a great believer in the substantial benefits of exercising during and after pregnancy. With a qualification in pre and post-natal exercise, I can devise safe and enjoyable training sessions to suit your needs.  

For many women, exercise during pregnancy is a scary concept. There is, however, no need to worry as the correct exercise during pregnancy is completely harmless and can be very beneficial to the mother and baby. Some of the many benefits during the pre-natal stages include a decrease in back pain, decrease in excess weight gain and a possible 30% shorter active labour time in comparison to non-exercising pregnant women. 

Post-natal exercise can also be a daunting thought as a new routine which includes looking after and bonding with a baby can be very exhausting. Even the thought of exercise on little sleep each night can seem ridiculous but if done gradually and as part of a routine it can be very effective. Post-natal exercise can reduce stress levels, provider greater emotional well-being and enhance relaxation. Many women find that post-natal exercise can provide a sense of regaining control over their bodies, which when set alongside some realistic goals such as losing weight, strengthening the core muscles and generally toning up can make the idea of regaining or even improving on pre-pregnancy fitness and body shape a reality.